About Us

The WAPB is a Community Policing and Human Rights social entrepreneurship whose mission is to become the premier organization providing services, education, and training to eradicate violence against women during policing encounters, including female officers.

The WAPB is comprised of survivors of violence at the hands of those we trusted and

  • Leaders in the community

  • Educators and Innovators

  • Spiritually connected Human Rights Advocates who are dedicated to this cause

Our Clientele

New York City’s Civilian Review Board states that 30% of police complaints are from women* – Applied to Chicago numbers approximately 3,000* women are complaining of officers being Verbally, Sexually, and Physically Abusive



Services, Education and Training

The WAPB provides a safe place without worries of re-victimization.

  • Protecting those who are victims of malicious prosecution

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Post Traumatic Stress

  • Survivor training

  • Seminars

  • Educating the Community, Judiciary and Police

  • Working together for a common good

  • Recognizing female victims of violence

  • Teaching de-escalation techniques to young women

Learn more about our work at The Women's All Points Bulletin here:

Contact Us

Women’s All Points Bulletin WAPB
PO Box 5323
Chicago Illinois 60680
833-933-WAPB (9272)

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